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Countdown Underway to the Launch of OpTIS Data

April marks the launch of the first data set from the Operational Tillage Information System (OpTIS), which combines satellite sensing technology with sophisticated modeling to map the adoption of conservation practices on the landscape.   The 21st century heir to CTIC's long-time Crop Residue Management (CRM) Survey, OpTIS will provide comprehensive maps of crop residue management practices and cover crops down to the HUC8 scale. Annual maps and data—with the capability of tracking practices longitudinally over time—will be invaluable to researchers analyzing carbon sequestration, soil erosion, water quality and soil health. Policy makers can use ...

OpTIS Projects header - 2024

OpTIS Operational Tillage Information System Using Remote Sensing Data to Map Conservation Ag Practices


SORRY! I pushed the wrong button on our new website software and sent you some old news about last year's Conservation in Action Tour. (I'm still learning our way around the powerful new tools.)   Please disregard our last email and watch for some exciting CTIC news in the days and weeks to come!   Steve @ CTIC

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