Membership Drive: Reach new horizons with CTIC

In 2022, the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) celebrated 40 years of Conservation in Action. That's four decades of bringing a wide range of people to the table to advance conservation agriculture...from our early projects promoting no-till to our current programs that help farmers, conservationists, agribusiness professionals, academics and policymakers protect soil health, water quality and the atmosphere.In 2023, CTIC will continue that legacy as the trusted source for data on conservation farming practices, the coordinator of demonstration projects, a builder of local capacity, and a partner in developing high-impact education on conservation systems.We’re going to keep our boots on the ground and our hands in the soil as we continue to be at the forefront of conservation. And we're exploring new horizons through projects like OpTIS, which taps satellite data; CSA Connector, which will bring our mission to the app age; new partnerships, new science on a climate smart future for American farmers, and more.

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