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December 2021 Conservation in Action News



2022 marks CTIC’s 40th anniversary. That’s right, 40 years.

Looking back on our previous 40 years through conversations with members and long-time supporters, CTIC has long been at the center of prominent discussions around the most important conservation topics. Over the years, we have worked on many important conservation issues – tillage, soil health, water quality, nutrient loads, cover crops, carbon sequestration, and much, much more. Looking forward to the future, there is one overarching theme that unites where we’ve been with where we are going, and that is climate.

Climate informs what is possible and what we need to do as an organization whose mission is to champion and provide information on sustainable ag systems that are productive and profitable, both for farmers and also the environment. As we've done for the past four decades, CTIC will help agriculture look towards the future and build the resilience that will help farmers not only adapt to changes in farming, but to lead the way on solutions to the challenges we face.
We are addressing that commitment by creating a new umbrella program: CAMO–Climate Adaptation, Mitigation, and Opportunities. Our work for the next 40 years will focus on these topics and how we can focus the work of farmers, industry, science and policy to address changing precipitation and temperature regimes as we identify innovative ways to use conservation as a tool for meeting society’s needs.
As we continue to grow these programs with support from our board and members, we invite you to join us as we chart our path forward. 
Enjoy the day,