Got Conservation News? Share It Through CTIC!

At CTIC, we're always eager to share news about conservation with our thousands of contacts across U.S. agriculture. After all, it's part of our mission to Connect, Inform and Champion.
If you've got data or insight about conservation farming systems that should be shared through our clearinghouse of information, please let us know. We can include it in our new, easy-to-search website or weave it into our other communications programs.
Want to cooperate on demonstration plots or programs that put conservation practices to work in real-world situations? Let us know and we will find a way to team up with one of our many programs around the country.
Got a story to share that spotlights your work in conservation agriculture? Contact the CTIC office—(765) 494-9555 or—and we'll spread the word. We're always looking for stories and angles from our members for CTIC Member Mail and CTIC Conservation Partners.