Build Coalitions

CTIC links private businesses, non-profit organizations, associations, and local, state, regional, and federal government agencies to address their common conservation agriculture issues. Our coalition-led initiatives range from small watershed projects to national events and conferences. With strength, wisdom, and knowledge in numbers, CTIC’s coalitions work to disseminate information on new technologies and tools, to ensure conservation agriculture works on the ground.

The Conservation Agriculture Systems Alliance (CASA) unites voluntary producer organizations across North America that share similar missions and goals, encounter similar challenges and struggle with all too common problems. The CASA communication network strengthens not only individual efforts but also the shared goal of increasing conservation in agriculture.

Local stakeholder groups focus on improving nutrient management in Mississippi River Basin watersheds. CTIC led the formation of three collaborative groups, all including public and private members, to develop and oversee projects and programs in three regions: southern Minnesota, Missouri Bootheel and Upper Wabash River Watershed.

To help producers integrate cover crops and adopt a continuous no-till system, CTIC connected producers with crop consultants for customized assistance and brought in expertise from the Midwest Cover Crops Council.