What's New at CTIC

What's New at CTIC

National Crop Residue Management Survey

The National Crop Residue Management (CRM) Survey is the only survey in the U.S. to measure at the county level the type of tillage used by crop. Tillage methods tracked are: no-till, mulch-till, reduced-till, and conventional tillage. Create custom summaries and view statitics using the CRM Survey Summary.

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CTIC's Current Projects

CTIC and its partners lead projects at the local, regional, and national level to address agriculture’s pressing conservation needs. Each project includes public and private sector partners, shares information about new technology and tools, and promotes agricultural systems that are both economically viable and environmentally beneficial.

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Do You Know OpTIS?

The Operational Tillage Information System (OpTIS) has been developed by Applied GeoSolutions and CTIC as a method for the automated use of remote sensing (satellite-based) data to monitor conservation practices in agricultural systems, including various forms of reduced tillage and the planting of winter cover crops.

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