Dow AgroSciences

Focusing on environmental stewardship and education
Dow AgroSciences joined CTIC as a Gold Corporate Member during the summer of 2013. The company uses technology to conserve natural resources and provide educational tools. Dow AgroSciences nitrogen stabilizers, Instinct and N-Serve, are used as a best management practice for improving groundwater quality, optimizing plant nutrients and supporting environmental stewardship. Both products contain the same unique active ingredient to help reduce nitrate leaching into ground and surface water. This ingredient also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and makes more nitrogen available to plants.

Jason Moulin, portfolio marketing leader for Dow AgroSciences, noted that technology such as nitrogen stabilizers is essential to conservation agriculture.

“As an agricultural industry, we must work together to ensure that our increasing global food demand is supported with improved technology that conserves our most precious resources,” Moulin said. “As a leader in bringing innovation and technology to agriculture, Dow AgroSciences understands and works to identify ways to partner with those producers and stakeholders who support and deploy this innovation and work to conserve our resources.”

Dow AgroSciences also provides educational tools on environmental stewardship. Along with technical explanations of the science behind nitrogen stabilizers on its website, the company provides information on how the nitrogen stabilizers are part of environmental stewardship.
In the company's work with CTIC, Dow AgroSciences supports the Indian Creek Watershed Project and served as a Platinum Sponsor for the 6th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture.