Thank you CTIC Medal Members





CTIC thanks our Medal Members for supporting the promotion of comprehensive conservation and sustainable agricultural systems.




CTIC Medal Members



In 2009, CTIC launched a new membership structure that allows members to receive additional value and recognition for their support of comprehensive conservation and sustainable agricultural systems. With additional membership dues above the basic level in each membership category, members achieve medal status of Gold, Silver or Bronze. The additional support provided by our Medal Members enables CTIC to enhance our regional and national projects, to explore new partnership opportunities and to bring national recognition to public and private efforts to advance conservation agriculture.

CTIC is proud to recognize the 2009 Medal Members on this page, at CTIC regional and national events, at CTIC Board of Directors meetings and in other ways. To learn more about CTIC membership and medal levels, click here.

GOLD Corporate



SILVER Corporate




BRONZE Corporate




GOLD Institutional



BRONZE Institutional




SILVER Individual

Bill Herz
Maurice Russell


BRONZE Individual

Joseph Glassmeyer
John Hebblethwaite
Lisa Kelley
Karen Scanlon