Nitrogen Application Timing

Select the Right Time for nitrogen application.
Apply the Right Rate of fertilizer to meet crop needs.
Costs of inputs make it important to provide enough N so the crop is never deficient. For greatest efficiency, N should be applied close to the time it will be used by the crop.
This demonstration compares 3 different application times:
  • Fall Application
  • Spring Application
  • Split Application---½ applied in Fall and ½ applied in Spring
"" A second demonstration compares the full recommended N rate with a reduced rate (85% of recommended rate) using a controlled-release source, ESN®.
ESN® controlled-release technology delivers N to the crop all season long, not just when it's applied, allowing the crop to reach full genetic potential. The unique polymer coating helps prevent against all forms of N loss, including volatilization, denitrification, and leaching.
When used correctly, ESN® can substantially reduce N losses to surface water, subsurface drainage water, and groundwater, a positive impact to water quality.



Interested in trying one of our demonstration practices?  Contact Terry Bachtold at 815-848-4455.

Right Source

Match fertilizer type to crop needs

+ Select appropriate nutrient sources for cropping system
+ Test soils
+ Consider N, P, K secondary and micronutrient
+ Consider enhanced efficiency fertilizers
+ Plan nutrient regimen

Right Time

Make nutrients available when crops need them

+ Time the application
+ Consider controlled release technologies and inhibitors
+ Choose fertilizer product

Right Place

Keep nutrients where crops can use them

+ Choose application method
+ Incorporate fertilizer
+ Use buffer strips
+ Use conservation tillage
+ Implement cover crop systems

Right Rate

Match amount of fertilizer to crop needs

+ Test soils
+ Yield goal analysis
+ Crop removal balance
+ Nutrient management planning
+ Plant tissue analysis
+ Record keeping
+ Variable rate technology
+ Site-specific management