Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Webinars

FREE webinars are being hosted on Tuesdays at noon from November 9 to December 14. These webinars
Barry Toning
Jim Kreissl
Vic D'Amato
Khalid Alvi
Juli Beth Hinds
will focus on information in regards to wastewater treatment for upcoming and existing development.
Presentations will be given by the members of Tetra Tech staff.
To view the agenda and topics to be discussed, click here.

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Conservation Technology Information Center, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Tetra Tech

November 9th: Overview of Centralized and Decentralized Treatment Issues

Summary of Centralized/Decentralized Treatment Approaches Water and Wastewater Resource Management ConsiderationsTMDLs, Watershed Planning, Antidegradation, and Wastewater Wastewater Capacity Development and Cost Issues
View the November 9th presentation, Barry Tonning.
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November 16th: Decentralized Treatment: Processes & Technologies

Wastewater Constituents of Concern Physical, Chemical & Biological Treatment Processes Technology Options & Capabilities for Providing Treatment
View the November 16th presentation, Barry Tonning and Jim Kreissl.
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November 23rd: Focus on Decentralized Wastewater System Design: Part 1

Wastewater Characterization: Flow, Strength, Other Constituents Septic, Grease Interceptor, and Flow Equalization Tanks Site Evaluation: Soils, Slopes, Groundwater, and Sizing Issues Gravity and Pressurized Soil Dispersal Options for Effluent
View the November 23rd presentation, Vic D'Amato.
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November 30th: Focus on Decentralized Wastewater System Design : Part 2

Advanced Treatment Options: Customized and Proprietary Units Clustered Collection and Treatment Systems Treatment System Operation and Maintenance
View the November 30th presentation, Vic D'Amato

December 7th: Management Approaches for Decentralized Systems

Management Program Elements and Implementation Options Entities Involved in Managing Wastewater Systems TWIST: The Wastewater Information System Tool
View the December 7th presentations, Khalid Alvi and Juli Beth Hinds
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December 14th: Integrated Water Resource Management

Current Challenges in Water Resource Management Sustainability & the New Paradigm for Managing Water Resources Case Studies on Integrated Water Resource Management
View the December 14th presentation, Vic D'Amato
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