CTIC recently received a Grant from EPA’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative that will fund the promotion of cover crops and conservation tillage in the Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan Watersheds. Agricultural producers will be provided with technical, educational and social support which will work together to create strong cover crop and conservation tillage systems that can be sustained after the project ends.


CTIC will work with partners to host 18 workshops in the three watersheds (Lake Michigan Watershed, Lake Erie Watershed and Lake Huron Watershed) promoting Cover Crops and conservation tillage systems. Three workshops will be held in each watershed each year for the first two years of the projects.


Following the workshops crop consultants and work closely with agricultural producers willing to use cover crops and conservation tillage to ensure the best possible results for these producers.


Farmers will receive regular communications via an email list serve and a comprehensive project web site which will provide useful information from project partners and other farmers. Producers will also be encouraged to participate in additional activities such as the National No till Conference and local conservation agriculture events.
For more information visit the project page or contact Angie Williams at Williams@ctic.org.