Nutrients in Our Environment - Past, Present, and Beyond Presentations

Conference Presentations from Feb. 18, 2010


Phosphorus Management

- Dr. Albert Sims, University of Minnesota

Agriculture and the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Issue

- Dr. C.S. Snyder, International Plant Nutrition Institute

On-Farm Evaluation of Nitrogen and Phosphorous Nutrient Management

- Brian Williams, Minnesota Department of Ag

Where the City Meets the Farm: a Case Study of Drainage and Water Quality

- Dr. John F. Moncrief, University of Minnesota

Nitrogen Management to Minimize Nitrate Losses to Water Resources

- Jeff Vetsch, University of Minnesota

"New" Technologies for Drainage Systems

- Dr. Gary Sands, University of Minnesota

Corn Belt N Guidelines

- Dr. John Lamb, University of Minnesota

What is Manure Really Worth? Maximizing the Economic Benefits of Manure

- Dr. Jose A. Hernandez, University of Minnesota

University of Wisconsin - Discovery Farms

- Dr. Dennis Frame, University of Wisconsin