Small Community Wastewater Tracking Solutions Workshop

Providing communities with the tools to research and adopt a viable solution for their waste water treatment. This workshop is designed to introduce participants to two free database management tools that can help improve wastewater management efforts in your communities.
When:  October 7 and 8, 2010
Photo courtesy of NRCS
Where: Pike Bay Town Hall
             15514 State 371
             Cass Lake, Minnesota 56633
The wastewater Information System Tool (TWIST) is a user-friendly management tool that will allow tribal staff and other agencies working with on site septic systems to effectively inventory and manage small wastewater treatment systems in their jurisdictions.  It's designed to track information related to homes and facilities served, permits, site evaluations, types of systems, inspections and complaints. 
STEPL provides a user friendly Visual Basic (VB) interface to create a customized spreadsheet-based model in Microsoft (MS) Excel.  It computes watershed surface runoff, nutrient loads, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and 5-day biological oxygen demand (BOD 5), and sediment delivery based on various land uses and management practices.  The pollutant sources include major nonpoint sources such as cropland, pastureland, farm animals, feedlots, urban runoff, and failing septic systems. 
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   The Place Casino is the closest hotel. Workshop participants are encouraged to stay there. For more information visit their website:
If you prefer to pay at the workshop that is fine. Please call CTIC at 765-494-9555 and give us your name and phone number and let us know you will be attending the workshop so that we can have enough food for everyone.