Water Quality Trading Workshop Presentations (July 8-9, 2009)

""Water Quality Credit Trading Workshop

July 8-9, 2009
Sherrodsville, Ohio
Speaker Presentations:

Ohio's Water Quality Trading Rules - Gary Stuhlfauth, Ohio EPA

Ohio's Great Miami River Watershed - Dusty Hall, The Miami Conservancy District

Great Miami River Watershed Water Quality Credit Trading Program - Sarah Hippensteel

Community-Based Water Quality Trading: The Alpine Water Quality Trading Plan - Dr. Richard Moore, The Ohio State University

Water Quality Credit Trading Workshop - Jim Klang, Kieser & Associates

WQT Workshop Role-playing Exercise - Jim Klang, Kieser & Associates

Point Source to Non-Point Source Trading to Meet NPDES Permit Requirements in Greene County, Ohio - Kristen Risch, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc.

Water Quality Credit Aggregators - George Kelly, Environmental Banc & Exchange, LLC

Benefits and Obstacles in WQT-Ohio, George Kelly, Environmental Banc & Exchange, LLC