Water Quality Credit Trading Workshop

Water Quality Credit Trading Workshop
August 19 - 20, 2008

Troy-Hayner Cultural Center
Troy, Ohio

Water Quality Credit Trading programs bring together agriculture and the wastewater community to solve difficult water quality issues.The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC), in conjunction with the Environmental Trading Network (ETN), the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and Certified Crop Advisers, is hosting a two-day water quality credit trading workshop. This will be a detailed, intensive training program on water quality trading for agricultural operators, ag advisors, potential water quality trading aggregators and municipal wastewater facilities. Expert speakers will introduce the concepts, benefits and challenges of trading and the steps involved in developing a trading program. The training will include interactive "breakout" sessions to give participants specific skills to develop or participate in a trading program. Case studies will be highlighted so participants can learn from programs that are already in place.
In addition to the two-day workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to network with each other at a social event the evening of Aug. 19.


Workshop Power Point Presentations:
Workshop Introduction
WQT Rules Specific to Ohio
Benefits and Obstacles in WQT
WQT Program Examples
Breakout Session for Agricultural Producers
Breakout Session Working with Ag Producers
Breakout Session for Wastewater Community
Breakout Session for Potential WQT CCA's
Breakout Session for Potential WQT Aggregators
Introduction to Ohio River Water Quality Issues
Trading Exercise for Ohio River

Other Information:
Getting Paid for Stewarship: An Agricultural Community Water Quality Trading Guide
Speaker Bios
Water Quality Trading Resources
Workshop Handout - Ohio EPA: Rules for Water Quality Trading
Workshop Handout - Water Quality Trading in Ohio