Upstream Heroes: Nutrient Management Succss Stories from American's Farms

The efficient use of nutrients within farming operations is receiving a great deal of attention for several reasons. Today, producers look more carefully at what, when and how they apply fertilizer, primarily because of the increased cost of fertilizer and other inputs as well as the general economic downturn. Additionally, agriculture is the focus of much attention-nationally as well as locally-because farming activities have been linked to the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone. Not many people understand the complex problem of the hypoxic zone, and individual farmers, expecially those in the upper Midwest, feel little connection to the distant Gulf of Mexico.
Project Director: Karen Scanlon
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Terra Industries, The Nature Conservancy

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Solutions to both challenges listed above can be realized through proper nutrient management on farming operations. With sound management practices, producers use the right fertilizer product, apply it at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place. CTIC, a trusted source of information for agriculture for more than 27 years, is uniquely qualified to launch an information campaign about nutrient management targeted to agricultural producers. A secondary audience is the general public, including members of environmental groups involved in water quality issues. CTIC's networks reach into the non-farm conservation community, allowing us to show members of the public the steps farmers are taking to protect water quality upstream The campaign will explain the hypoxia issue and need for nutrient management in terms and messages that appeal to agricultural audiences and deliver those messages at the right time and place to capture the attention and interest of producers and their advisers. CTIC's campaign will reach our national network of members and public and private partners, as well as readers of ag media and general/consumer media


CTIC ic connecting with partners to support and advance the Upstream Heroes Campaign. Terra Industries is a Guardian partner and The Nature Conservancy is an Advocate. Additional partners are being sought as well. CTIC has collected more than two dozen success story leads from throughout the Mississippi  River Basin. These leads will be researched and eveloped into stories that will be placed in a variety of media outlets, including agriculture publications, consumer media, and CTIC and Member outreach tools. The Upstream Heroes website, provides information about nutrient management and the hypoxic zone, offers a form for nominating producers for Upstream Heroes and posts stories about two Upstream Heroes.

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