CASA is a North American alliance of producer organizations united with a common goal to advance conservation agriculture systems. CASA strengthens the individual efforts of each member organization and also helps the collective group move toward the shared purpose of increasing conservation in agriculture in North America. CTIC hosts monthly conference calls, a web site and a discussion forum for CASA. CASA primary purposes are to:
  •  Facilitate communication among CASA members and partners
  •  Promote consistent messages about conservation agriculture
  •  Share information about conservation agriculture
  •  Endorse adoption of "the ideal" conservation agriculture systems
  •  Facilitate removal of barriers and support member organizations
  •  Influence policy on a broad level

Current CASA Members

Mexican Conservation Tillage Association
Ohio No-Till Council
Pennsylvania No-Till Alliance


This year, CTIC has facilitated monthly teleconferences for CASA, maintained the CASA web page and discussion forum, and distributed information to the network partners.

For More Information

Visit the CASA web page at Agriculture Systems Alliance, or contact Karen Scanlon, CTIC executive director, at Tel: 765-494-2238 or Email:

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Sponsor the development of this nationwide farmer-to-farmer network. You may also become a CASA member.