In 2006, CTIC received a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency Gulf of Mexico Program to fund "Building Innovative Industry-Producer Partnerships to Reduce Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico."  CTIC led the organization of three collaborative groups, all including public and private members, to develop and oversee projects and programs in their ""geographic areas.
CTIC and partners strive to develop innovative, transferable approaches for addressing nutrient use efficiency locally and regionally. As a result, farmers will have greater access to nutrient use efficiency products, tools, and techniques.

Funded By

US Environmental Protection Agency, Gulf of Mexico Program

Project Period

July 1, 2006 - December 31, 2010

Project Partners

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Gulf of Mexico Program, and public and private partners in Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Ohio

The project's website,, includes information on all three initiatives, as well as CTIC's Upstream Heroes campaign, sponsored by  The Nature Conservancy and Terra Industries.

Project Participants

Local, state, and federal conservation and agricultural agencies, farm organizations, agribusiness, agricultural producers, certified crop consultants


CTIC and a broad coalition of ag interests in the Missouri Bootheel bring workshops and field days on the latest nutrient management tools to ag producers. Programs include a corn stalk testing program free to producers.
Partners in Minnesota reached consensus that the best approach would be to form a broad coalition of interested groups. The diverse coalition pools resources and information to work together on: developing consistent messages about nutrient management needs and practices in southeastern Minnesota, identifying and bringing the tools/ practices necessary for improving nutrient management, and obtaining funding to support direct technical assistance to help farmer understand, adopt and maintain nutrient management practices.
Working in 14 counties within the Wabash Watershed (two in western Ohio and 12 in eastern Indiana), CTIC has facilitated the formation of a watershed stakeholder group to identify needs for nutrient management within the watershed, identify existing programs and assistance for meeting nutrient management needs, determine what additional tools are needed for success, and search for ptential funding sources. The project's web site, Heroes, includes information on all three initiatives, as well as CTIC's Upstream Heroes campaign, sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and Terra Industries.

For More Information

Contact Christa Martin-Jones, CTIC project director, at Tel: 317-508-2450 or Email:

Get Involved

Each local effort is seeking stakeholders from the agricultural community to participate and contribute to the project's success. If you can participate in any of the three local-level projects, contact CTIC for more information.