Timothy J. Healey, Agrotain International, LLC


CTIC Member since 2003

Initially, Agrotain International joined CTIC to be affiliated with an organization that promoted no-till agriculture directly to farmers, to increase name recognition of our products with producers, and to provide product for demonstration purposes in areas where CTIC was promoting no-till agriculture. We win farmers as customers one at a time, and we were hoping that the affiliation with CTIC would give us more opportunity for direct contact with more producers.

Heretofore we saw the benefits of our CTIC membership in direct contact with producers, dealers and researchers during the summer CTIC Board of Directors meeting and affiliated tours, and we very satisfied.

Today there is an additional benefit, and we believe the greatest value of our CTIC membership. It is the opportunity to be able to participate as a partner in the EPA grant for Producer Partnerships to Reduce Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico. We hope to be able to participate as a partner with CTIC in grants such as this in the future, too.

If you are a company that manufactures or sells a product used in no-till agriculture, CTIC is the organization you should support. CTIC is the only organization that I am aware of that promotes the agricultural conservation practice that truly minimizes the impact of agriculture on the environment – continuous no-till.

Continuous no-till agriculture is smart agriculture. It reduces air and water pollution associated with tillage, improves soil quality and results in higher profits to producers.

If you are a company that consumes agricultural products, CTIC is an organization deserving your support. Most businesses involved in processing ag products to produce consumer goods have to comply with air and water regulations. A company can take their commitment to product stewardship one step further by supporting the only organization that promotes continuous no-till agriculture, CTIC.