FSH Webinar Series

CTIC Presents: Farmers for Soil Health webinars

Termination and Management of Cover Crops
in the North Central States
February 6, 2024

Description: Featured speakers:

  • Colin Geppert, a farmer in South Dakota
  • Dr. Erin Silva of University of Wisconsin
  • Myron Sylling, a farmer in Minnesota

Join the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) and Farmers for Soil Health on Tuesday, February 6 at 10:00 am CST for a free webinar on cover cropping in Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota...and $50/acre Farmers for Soil Health incentives to help you along!

Learn tips from farmers who use cover crops in northern climates, as well as pointers on terminating covers. You'll also learn about CTIC's new Cover Crop Coach program and sign-up details for Farmers for Soil Health and its great cover crop incentives.

Making Cover Crops Work in the North Central States:
An Introduction to Soil Health
September 27, 2023

Description: Featured speakers:

  • Catie Geib, Wisconsin
  • Julia Gerlach, South Dakota
  • Jamie Johnson, a farmer in South Dakota

In this one-hour webinar, CTIC soil health specialists Catie Geib and Julia Gerlach introduce the Farmers for Soil Health (FSH) program and discuss on-farm cover crop strategies with South Dakota farmer Jamie Johnson. In this first-in-a-series webinar, you’ll learn about FSH cover crop incentives, discover resources for learning about cover benefits, hear a farmer’s perspective on successfully adopting cover crops, see a demonstration of how to sign up for the program, and more.