CTIC Board of Directors Winter 2010 Meeting

Feb. 3, 2010 Hilton on the Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida

This meeting is held during the NACD Annual meeting (same location). For more information about the NACD meeting, click here.

Visit the CTIC web site soon for more details about the Board meeting.

Same Web Site – Two Ways to Get There

CTIC recently had the opportunity to purchase CTIC.org as a domain name. The CTIC web site can be reached at www.ctic.org and www.conservationinformation.org. Same web site…just a little easier to find us now. In addition, all CTIC staff can be reached at lastname@conservationinformation.org and lastname@ctic.org.

CTIC Project Spotlight

Working with a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, CTIC and partners in three regions within the Mississippi River basin are joining efforts to improve nutrient use efficiency and increase nutrient management at the farm level. Learn more about this project -- Building Innovative Industry-Producer Partnerships to Reduce Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico – and get involved. Click here.