2014 Tour Wrap-Up

Owls, sugarcane, lettuce, muck soils and more are all part of the "Unique Story of the Everglades Agricultural Area," a tale of farmers working with the ecosystem. Over 150 participants from 20 states heard this unique story. The audience represented numerous roles in the agriculture industry, such as growers, agricultural retailers, members of the media, agricultural and conservation organization representatives, federal and state agency representatives, students and researchers.

Tour high points:

  • Constructed wetland known as a stormwater treatment area that helps decrease the amount of nutrients in water running off of crop fields

  • Best Management Practices that agricultural producers can use to keep soil and inputs on their fields

  • Wooden boxes posted around fields as homes for owls

  • Sugarcane planting and harvesting

  • A beautiful view of the sunset over Lake Okeechobee

What you had to say about the tour:

“Seeing the ways Everglades Agricultural Area growers, who may compete with each other in the marketplace, work together in applying best management practices was inspirational. The Everglades is unique and special, and the adjacent agricultural area has one-of-a-kind soil, water and wildlife. It’s important to acknowledge that different agricultural production systems have different environmental impacts. With modern agricultural techniques and careful management, a positive balance can be maintained between well-nourished crops and environmental protection.”
~Anita Foster, corporate responsibility manager for tour leader The Mosaic Company
Last week was very enlightening as I have never experienced the EAA, the respective conservation practices, or seen sugarcane and rice closeup! I could do that tour again and gain more knowledge. My experience was over the top, especially understanding the conservation efforts of the Everglades Agricultural Area Stormwater Treatment Areas and the sugarcane processes and field demonstrations in the afternoon. The partnerships were amazing between regulatory and growers. 
~Joan Kyle, Florida regional representative for the Nutrients for Life Foundation and member of the tour planning committee
I loved every second of the tour. Networking and meeting new people, experiencing the EAA, learning new facts and being inspired by the passion of the EAA researchers and growers all contributed to making the tour an incredible experience. I am so glad I was able to attend. I am already planning for next year!
~Bertrhude Albert, University of Florida doctoral student in agricultural education and communication


Tour Wrap-up from CTIC:

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Media Coverage:

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See the Action:

Check out the 2014 tour photo gallery to explore what the tour had to offer.
Through our tour videos below, see:
  • Sugarcane harvesting
  • Sugarcane planting
  • Barn owls


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